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TomTom Splash Instructions

You can now customize your TomTom GO with a personal picture that displays on start-up and shutdown! This is easily accomplished using your PC and the included USB cable. To change the TomTom splash screen follow the instructions below:

First of all you need to select the image or photograph you want displayed on your TomTom GO,

The TomTom Splash converter will support the following image formats:-

When choosing your picture, the picture needs to be in the following orientation,

Once you have chossen the picture, upload to the converter (use the drop down box if you have a diferent model to the default TomTom Go series 300/400/700). The converter will then resize, rotate, and convert the image to the correct format. Once the image has been converted, you need to upload the image onto your tomtom. To do this, plug your tomtom into your computer via the USB cable. As you plug your tomtom into your computer, the USB should detect, and you should select "open folder to view files using window explorer."

You will be given a view of the files on your tomtom, as shown below.

The important file highlighted above is splash.bmp (this will be called splashw.bmp on a 710 / 910 series tomtom), we need to make a backup just in case!!!!

Once you have renamed the splash.bmp/splashw.bmp file to ORGINsplash.bmp, you need to copy over the file you saved from the generator (splash.bmp or splashw.bmp) from your computer to the same TomTom GO directory. Once done, unplug the USB cable, turn the tomtom off and on, and you should be presented with your custom tomtom splash page. You can also change your suspend screen, by coping and renaming your splash saved file to suspend.bmp and placing it in the same directory, Enjoy.....

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All finished, why not download the excellent free Picasa software, that helps you instantly share / organise your splash pages.